All areas of our organization strive to work in partnership with customers to understand and solve their current and anticipated challenges. Our purpose supports our business model which is driven through our strategy.

The business model we employ


  • Collects and collates index proprietary data on construction projects
  • Enables customers to access and search the database to identify potential sales leads


  • Enables manufacturers to showcase their products on our online platforms
  • Provides architects and contractors a comprehensive overview of products available for their construction projects


  • Marketplace for the commercial property space
  • Connects commercial property owners with prospective tenants


  • Leading eSourcing and eProcurement platform for the public and private sector.
  • Connects thousands of buyers with an international network of qualified suppliers.


  • Bundled access to a classification system, specification templates, product and BIM object content libraries and an intelligent guidance engine which displays relevant content


  • Marketplace for healthcare providers and municipalities.
  • Currently focused on HVB (homes for nursing and assisted living), foster homes and LSS (homes for the disabled)
  • Provides targeted marketing services to families during pregnancy and early parenthood


  • Publishes leading industry titles (both print and online) across a wide range of verticals

Products that make a difference

Our products are used by companies across the European countries every day. Learn more about our brands and products here.

Group management

Our group management has decades of diverse professional experience and practical knowledge. They are responsible for the daily organisation, operation and development of Byggfakta Group across several European countries.